In a significant development for law enforcement in Dorset, Daetech has been making waves by traversing through various police stations, ushering in a new era of forensic technology. The focus of their journey has been the implementation of the latest version of DMV, the Digital Multimedia Viewer, upgrading DARS LE systems to the cutting-edge DMV 3.2.0.

Daetech’s Mission

Enhancing Forensic Capabilities

Daetech’s mission in Dorset revolves around the meticulous upgrading of DARS LE systems. The primary objective is to bring about a transformative change by introducing the latest version of DMV, marked as 3.2.0. This update is not just about staying current; it’s about empowering law enforcement with enhanced features, including robust CCTV player support and crucial bug fixes.

Unveiling DMV 3.2.0

At the core of this update is DMV 3.2.0, a state-of-the-art Digital Multimedia Viewer. Designed with an intuitive guided user interface, DMV facilitates officers in seamlessly navigating through a multitude of CCTV formats. The significance lies not only in accessibility but also in the efficiency it brings to the forensic news process. Officers can now effortlessly playback CCTV footage, extract video snippets and capture still images of pertinent evidence.


A Technological Leap for Dorset Police

In conclusion, Daetech’s endeavor to update DARS LE systems in Dorset showcases a commendable commitment to technological advancement in forensic procedures. The introduction of DMV 3.2.0 with new CCTV player support and bug fixes demonstrates a practical approach to addressing the evolving needs of law enforcement. As Dorset police stations embrace this upgrade, they equip themselves with a powerful tool that streamlines the review and analysis of multimedia evidence, ultimately aiding in more effective investigations. Daetech’s efforts mark a significant milestone in the intersection of technology and law enforcement, promising a more sophisticated and efficient forensic landscape in Dorset.