Person aiming for the golf flag

Are you a golf enthusiast looking to spice up your game? Look no further than the Wolf Golf Game on the Skins App! With its unique rules and exciting gameplay, the Wolf Golf Game Rules is sure to test your skills and keep you on your toes. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Wolf Golf Game rules and how you can leverage them to improve your golfing experience.

What is the Wolf Golf Game?

The Wolf Golf Game is a popular golf format that adds an element of strategy and competition to your round. In this game, players take turns acting as the “Wolf,” a role that comes with both opportunities and challenges. The Wolf is tasked with selecting a partner for each hole, creating dynamic team dynamics and fostering strategic gameplay.

How to Play the Wolf Golf Game

To begin playing the Wolf Golf Game, decide the order of play for the first hole. The player who hits their drive furthest becomes the Wolf on that hole. The Wolf can choose to play the hole alone against the other players or select a partner for the hole. The partner can be the player who hits the Wolf’s drive second or the player who hits last.

Scoring in the Wolf Golf Game

Scoring in the Wolf Golf Game can be both rewarding and punishing. If the Wolf wins the hole, they receive points equal to the number of players. However, if the non-Wolf team wins, each non-Wolf player receives points equal to the number of players. Additionally, if the Wolf plays the hole alone and wins, they receive triple points. Conversely, if the Wolf plays alone and loses, the other players receive points equal to the number of players.

Strategies for Success in the Wolf Golf Game

To excel in the Wolf Golf Game, it is essential to master the art of strategy and decision-making. As the Wolf, you must carefully choose your partner for each hole based on their skills and the layout of the course. Additionally, strategically playing holes alone can yield high rewards but also come with inherent risks.


In conclusion, the Wolf Golf Game on the Skins App is a thrilling way to elevate your golfing experience and challenge yourself on the course. By understanding and implementing the rules of the game, you can unleash your full potential and test your skills in a fun and competitive setting. So, gather your friends, download the Skins App, and embark on a golfing adventure like never before!